BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 进出口专员_物料部_SZP1_苏州 in Suzhou Plant 1, China

Job Description Summary

Through global logistics provider and local broker management, excellent inbound/outbound logistics operation, and better communications with other functions, to realize the steady supply of materials and cost (freight/duty) control. Manage inbounding, out bounding logistics and Customs & CIQ affairs,ensure compliance for whole logistics process, timely implement improvement actions required by Customs.


Job Description

  • Arrange international inbound shipments and local customs clearance, and monitor the whole logistics process, ensure compliance for whole logistics process. Well control the urgent shipment and report the status in time. Manages global logistics provider and local broker, and measures logistics vendors’ performance 安排货物进口物流及报关,监控整个进出口过程,确保整个进出口环节符合海关及商检的法规法则。对紧急货物地及时处理并及时汇报。管理国际货代及报关公司并考核供应商的业绩。

  • Keep good records including all the necessary information for all the inbound and outbound shipments,file the original documents, ensure the documents accuracy with the corporation with related parities including purchasing, requisitioner etc. 进出口台帐的登记管理,完好保管正本单证,同时在采购和申请人的支持下确保文件正确性。

  • Work with planner for the export shipment. Timely arrange shipment after getting the order from planner and provide necessary notification and documents to customers 配合计划员的出口工作,按照计划员的计划,及时安排出口货物并提供相关单证给客户。

  • Learn and be familiar with relative regulations & laws of both the Customs and CIQ; Ensure that the operation is compliance to those regulations & laws. Set up policies related logistic function and training for the necessary colleagues. Manage internal compliance audit and execute corrective action. 学习并熟悉海关、商检的相关法律法规,确保公司的进出口操作合规。制定进出口相关流程并对相关人员进行培训。组织进出口合规性审核,并负责各项改善措施的执行。

  • Manage and conduct all Customs affairs of process trade; Work with warehouse to effectively separate bonded goods with un-bonded goods; Conduct the stocktaking for the bonded materials and ensure the quantity balance between handbook and warehouse. 管理加工贸易手册,配合仓库区分保税及非保税料件。对保税料件进行定期盘点,确保实物与手册帐面数据的平衡。

  • Control freight and duty, and seek for opportunity of cost saving and avoidance, lead cost reduction projects related to freight and duty. 控制国际运费及关税,合理避税,领导运费及关税降低项目

  • Perform other duties as may be required by line leader and department manager. 执行主管安排的其它工作。

Primary Work Location

CHN Suzhou Plant 1

Additional Locations

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