BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) Senior Mold Maker in Sumter, South Carolina

Job Description Summary

Job Description

P osition D escription

JOB SUMMARY (Briefly describe the job’s primary purpose or contribution to the department or organization)


Working independently and with minimal supervision, sets up and operates all types of mold fabricating equipment. Reads and interprets mold drawings. Constructs, alters and repairs molds and components of extremely complex design. Disassembles, cleans, repairs and reassembles injection molds and compression molds.


Disassembles molds utilizing methods that prevent risk of damage to components and component finishes.

Cleans mold plates and all components. Determines mold components requiring repair or replacement. Insures proper gating, venting and cooling of molds.

Polishes mold component finishes as required.

Constructs and repairs intricate molds and their components from detailed drawings and/or verbal communication.

Assembles molds and components ensuring proper fit, form and function.

Be able to repair / replace components as needed while mold is still in the press.

Be capable of disassemble / assemble of hot runner manifolds and rewire the manifold.

Be able to weld mold components and re-machine back to spec.

Under general supervision, must be able to diagnose and satisfactorily repair problem molds or components.

Assures continued tool service through maintaining mold component inventories and assessing mold operating conditions through inspection and measuring of molds.

Is familiar with and observes all safety and environmental procedures and QSR’s. Takes an active participation role in safety initiatives and engagement.

Responsible for helping to keep Hoist inspected.

Actively teaches and mentors junior mold makers or mold room assistants to help improve overall mold shop capabilities and talent.


Demonstrates strong analytical skills with troubleshooting molds and leverages knowledge and learnings to peers and standard work documents.

This list of Essential Functions and Responsibilities is not all inclusive. Senior Mold Maker will be expected to utilize his or her skills and competencies to perform other duties as assigned by supervision.

C ore C ompetency R equirements

COMPETENCIES: (Identify 5 or 6 that are key to this position)

Action Oriented

Organizational Agility

Business Acumen

Process Effectiveness

Continuous & Versatile Learning

Promotes An Inclusive Work Environment

Customer Focus

Strategic Agility

Dealing With Ambiguity

Talent Management

Developing Others


Drive for Results

We Accept Personal Responsibility

Influencing Others

We Always Seek To Improve


We Do What is Right

Leadership Courage

We Treat Each Other With Respect

Managing & Measuring


1. Education

Indicate education required/preferred:

Required Preferred

H.S. Diploma/G.E.D. (if hired after 6/1/00) Internal transfers exempted

Vocational/Technical School (Curriculum: Machinist or Tool & Die_)

Associates Degree (Major: _________________________________)

BA/BS Degree (Major: ____________________)

Masters Degree (Major: ___________________________________)

Other: (_Apprenticeship Program Tool & Die or Machinist__)

Workkeys Skill Levels

Applied Math

Applied Technology

Locating Information


Reading for Information

Team Work

Required Entry Level







Note: An “X” means an assessment is not required for this position

3. Experience and Knowledge

Indicate the minimum level of experience required

No related experience required

Type of Experience

6 months

Minimum of 1 year

Minimum of 2 years

Minimum of 3 years

Other: 8 years preferred

Mold or Tool die experience in a manufacturing environment.

Fully describe the type of knowledge, skills, or abilities required: (e.g. tools, equipment, hardware or software).

1. Have the ability to operate Machine Shop Equipment

2. Have the knowledge and skill to update or repair injection molds

3. Have the knowledge to read blue prints or mold drawings

4. Have the ability and dexterity to use tools.

5. Self motivated with ability to work alone or as a team in a good safe manner.

4. Certifications

Certification or licensure required or preferred: Required Preferred

Certification (Tool & Die)

Licensure (Forklift qualifiable.)

5. Supervisory Responsibility

No Supervision of others

May be required to take a leading role, such as assigning activities to other associates who perform work that is similar or closely related to this position (less than 50% of the time)

Regularly required to take a leading role, such as assigning activities to other associates who perform work that is similar or closely related to this position (50% or more of the time)

Provides leadership, direction, and supervision for non-exempt associates, including writing performance reviews

Provides leadership, direction, and supervision for non-exempt and/or exempt associates, including writing performance reviews

6. Computer Skills Required for Position

MS Outlook

MS Excel

MS Word

MS Access

Other: _________________________________________

7. Computer Access Required for Position


MS Outlook

Other: _______QDMS______________

T raining R equirements

1. On-the-job Training Period

A. Upon placement into position, associate can expect to receive the following amount of training provided by a qualified trainer:

6 weeks 3 months 6 months 9 months other: _______ ___________

B. After training period is complete, additional learning will take place. List theexpectedperiod of time for an associate to be considered proficient in this position:

6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months Other (Specify: ______ months)

QSR/PPE R equirements:


Beard Cover

Gloves (Type Heat Resistant)


Hair Net


Safety Glasses

Safety Shoes (steel toe)

Sleeves (cut resistant)

Sleeves (heat resistant)

Smock (for product safety)

Other: ____________________________________



Are there particular working conditions associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of work, travel, workspace, etc.)? Yes No

If yes, please explain:

Hours of work can change depending on the work load in Mold Shop.

Check physical demands that apply below:


Describe Job Duties that require the physical

demands indicated below






a. Standing



b. Lifting up to _50_lbs.

Carrying up to _20_lbs.

Pushing up to _40_lbs.

Pulling up to _40_lbs.

Disassembling, cleaning and assembling molds

Disassembling, cleaning and assembling molds

Cleaning mold components

Pulling manifolds from molds

Micro molds

Mold plates

Mold plates



Mezzanine stairs






General day to day mold tasks

General day to day mold tasks

General day to day mold tasks



Manual Dexterity

Across molds while servicing

General day to day job tasks

Polishing/cleaning mold components



Contact with management and fellow associates

Contact with management, fellow associates and troubleshooting

Vision Requirements

Depth Perception

Color Vision

Good vision a must in job to view dimensions, defects and troubleshooting

Important in job tasks

Primary Work LocationUSA SC - Sumter

Additional Locations

Work ShiftNA (United States of America)

Becton, Dickinson and Company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital or domestic or civil union status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetics, disability, military eligibility or veteran status