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BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) Global Commercial & Marketing Excellence Leader in Le Pont, France

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Job Description

The role:

The operational and technological underpinnings of b-to-b organisations are a critical area of alignment, yet more than half of marketing and sales leaders rate their level of alignment as poor. While there is no quick fix to solve all alignment challenges, leaders that focus on four critical areas – planning, lead management, data management and measurement – will have the best chance to bridge the gap.

A solid Marketing Excellence leader is a critical resource to any marketing team and the broader organization. He/she operates at both a strategic and tactical level, working from key business initiatives down to day to day marketing activities. Some of the critical functions include creating and enforcing guidelines for the marketing technology processes and for team members , drive successful execution of integrated business campaigns, managing the data and its flow (both in and out) and acting as a liaison with other teams in sales, product, and engineering.

Like Marketing Excellence, Commercial Excellence is critical to the strategic and tactical functions of a business. There are many recurring activities that take place to help a business run efficiently and effectively and allow its leaders to make informed, thoughtful decisions spanning departments and processes. CommEx often sits at the center of those activities and helps by synthesizing data across the business into clear and actionable insights. According to LinkedIn, this can mean coordinating complex sales and marketing strategies and evaluating the impact of those strategies on the bottom line. But, Commercial Excellence does not stop there, as it often evaluates the success of programs & campaigns against a long-term strategy, helps ensure transparency between departments and report on top-line initiatives .

Your Responsibilities:

Responsible for the development and oversight of processes, tools and resources that drive efficiency across marketing and sales, to drive greater sales effectiveness (e.g. enablement), resulting in increased sales productivity. This combined role presents a great opportunity to also solve the integration problems that affect Sales and Marketing effectiveness and drive of common strategies.


• Orchestrates the annual marketing planning process (e.g. milestones, actions, templates, calendar), ensuring marketing’s goals are aligned with sales and product objectives. Also coordinates the budget strategy, budget allocation and reconciliation process

• Ensures business impact-level marketing measurement and executive reporting on marketing’s contribution to the business

• Participates in the development of organizational alignment, competency assessments and skills development, as directed by the VP Marketing

• Delivers effective change management and communications for technology implementation, data policy and process re-engineering within marketing

•Has a deep knowledge of the various CRM and Marketing Automaton programs which the company operates.