BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 产品应用专员_DS_重庆 in Chongqing, China

Job Description Summary

• 支持售前流程,在当地举行的研讨会、网讯和展示会上向顾客,现场工作人员和经销商工作人员展示DS产品技术上的优势;

• 与市场部、销售部同事合作,确保DS为顾客提供良好的相关产品客户支持;

• 与客户密切联系,充分理解DS产品及其应用方法;

• 担任销售和市场部门的主要技术来源;

• 为市场部提供应用上的意见和反馈,特别是有关DS产品的第一手信息,以确保产品市场定位准确,并且为客户提供最合适的产品以满足客户的需求和期望;

• 通过电话或现场拜访客户的方式,快速、专业地满足客户技术上的需求;

• 负责客户培训,内容包括仪器、试剂和耗材等方面;

• 负责展示会并凸显DS产品在技术上的优势;

• 找出任何可能对系统产生不良影响的地方,如错误的试剂、程序或者硬件问题

• 协助客户快速有效地使用仪器和试剂系统,以使顾客满意度和DS的销售额最大化

• 负责任何有必要的针对销售、市场、辅助部门员工的内部培训

• 帮助和协作当地的产品实验

• 与地区销售和我们的客户密切沟通,识别新产品的市场潜力,开拓新的商业机会

Job Description

Primary Work Location

CHN Chongqing

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BD is a leading global medical technology company that creates medical technology, devices and laboratory equipment for a variety of needs across the healthcare continuum. At BD, we are looking for candidates who possess passion, innovative solutions and a commitment to our one mission of improving access to groundbreaking medical and biotechnology services for people near and far, delivering state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge research in the battle to fight and cure infectious diseases. With a global reach that extends across 50 countries worldwide, our network of professionals collaborates on effective measures to deliver enhanced patient quality such as lower health care delivery costs, improved health care and safety, and expanded health care for all. Join our company and see how you can become a part of one global mission to make a difference in human health.